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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts, with Finals week and New Years crap I had no time. Yesterday I was watching the live feed streamed from Manhattan of the wall street protest by Tim Cast, it all seemed perfectly normal. Then I noticed something out of place, in the beginning of #OWS the ratio of police to civilians was somewhere around the number of 1:2, in the feed I noticed that that ratio could be applied to the number of vehicles present. That’s right, vehicles. Scooters, trucks and vans. The proper ratio of police to civilians would be around 5:1. FIVE paid officers standing around to watch one protester. The audio was clear on the stream, Tim clearly heard a senior officer, the officers in white collar necks; say “Get me two of them an I’ll be happy,” at which two officer ran forward and grabbed, arrested and presented two WOMEN. Takes a big man to do that right? Its disgusting, a legal observer of the Lawyers guild was arrested for talking on his phone and a NY times reporter was threatened to have his credentials taken away. Sorry, but this was not the America I grew up in and was raised to believe in. 

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