What is psychology? If asked it can be thought to be the study of the human mind, an exploration of all that is possible and all that is impossible for a single human to accomplish. It can also be exploration of self, of self awareness and the infinite that is the thought process.

So what is psychology? It is not the ability to read the thoughts of others, to sense the underlying feelings of others and it is not the ability to talk someone out of any mental disorder. Rather it is to complete and change the understanding of any situation you are put it and self relate thus improving the situation.

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible." -Voltaire

Joey Ying
Studying Clinical Psychology/ Autism at CUNY Queens College
posted 2 years ago

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts, with Finals week and New Years crap I had no time. Yesterday I was watching the live feed streamed from Manhattan of the wall street protest by Tim Cast, it all seemed perfectly normal. Then I noticed something out of place, in the beginning of #OWS the ratio of police to civilians was somewhere around the number of 1:2, in the feed I noticed that that ratio could be applied to the number of vehicles present. That’s right, vehicles. Scooters, trucks and vans. The proper ratio of police to civilians would be around 5:1. FIVE paid officers standing around to watch one protester. The audio was clear on the stream, Tim clearly heard a senior officer, the officers in white collar necks; say “Get me two of them an I’ll be happy,” at which two officer ran forward and grabbed, arrested and presented two WOMEN. Takes a big man to do that right? Its disgusting, a legal observer of the Lawyers guild was arrested for talking on his phone and a NY times reporter was threatened to have his credentials taken away. Sorry, but this was not the America I grew up in and was raised to believe in. 

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